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Posted on November 27, 2011

Support page

Ask in comments anything you need help with.

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  1. Ed Turner:

    I was just checking out your app in the App Store. Found it among the New Releases. Congrats, looks pretty good.

    Happy with the amount of downloads so far?

    I’ve worked with a few app developers over the last few months, and I’ve learned that there’s two aspects that you need to focus on to be really successful promoting apps in the App Store. I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned if you’re interested? Just let me know and I’ll send you over a quick overview. (I’m not trying to sell you information, just don’t want to bother you if you’re not interested in what I have to share.)

    Best of luck,
    Ed Turner

    18.12.2011 08:19 Reply

    • Christian hynde:

      Hello my reply is I don’t think this app should be 99 cents i know it’s a small price but listen for the like 100000 out there make 2 apps 1 that’s free and only names the really big stuff like mfsu and nuclear reactor and the other having everything this app has thank you for reading.

      18.08.2012 06:05 Reply

  2. Rudy Stebih:


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    Best Regards,

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    26.05.2012 23:22 Reply

  3. Viktor:

    Привет всем Ростовчанинам

    22.06.2012 18:52 Reply

  4. Name...:


    29.07.2012 11:31 Reply

  5. DA Real Gangsta:

    Ok so ur app is good but u need a feature so u don’t need Internet to see the recipe, also there need to be another section called By User or something which lets u post ur CC programs code, Nuclear reactor setups etc like a forum

    08.08.2012 21:02 Reply

    • admin:


      Thank you for your review and rating on iOS store! :) It’s on purpose that app requires Internet connection,because everything is updated daily because tekkit changes almost every day and there are so many changes constantly. And if the app would be offline Apple approves every update of app after 1 week and more so the app users would have old and false recipes. There is already posible to comment and interact with other user through comments at the bottom of recipes. But there will be soon update with new things and improvments.

      Kind regards,

      09.08.2012 12:12 Reply

    • You should not know my name:


      02.01.2013 22:22 Reply

  6. DA Real Gangsta:

    For tekkit BYe

    08.08.2012 21:03 Reply

  7. DA Real Gangsta:


    08.08.2012 21:04 Reply

  8. Jack:

    Its great but… My name is jack and I would like to own a server

    16.08.2012 09:53 Reply

    • john:


      09.01.2014 01:04 Reply

      • john:


        09.01.2014 01:05 Reply

  9. Yaniv Presler:

    I’m Yaniv, Co-founder & CEO at PlayerDuel.

    We launched our first version at TNW2012, you can see a video of the presentation –

    PlayerDuel is a platform that can turn single-player mobile games into “”play with friends”" games.
    The new version will give you the ability to design the pages so it will look like a part of your games.

    - Facebook open graph is included in our SDK
    - Your games will appear in our website – new way to get more PR.
    - Get $200 for every game that will be online in the app store

    It will be great to have a Skype call with you.
    Yaniv Presler
    Skype: Yaniv.presler
    Twitter: yanivpresler
    US number: +1-650-2898189″

    01.09.2012 07:49 Reply

  10. Matthew East:

    The app is out of date with Tekkit, please refund my money. My email address(so you can process refunds) is

    29.09.2012 15:03 Reply

  11. A. Feb:

    This app is not working. It crashes as soon as I try to start it. I want my $1 back.

    13.11.2012 05:46 Reply

    • admin:

      We are aware of the problem. And we have send an update to Apple to fix the crash. I am sorry of inconvenience.

      19.11.2012 14:09 Reply

  12. Finnhambling:

    Fuck u this app dose not work

    16.11.2012 18:28 Reply

    • admin:

      I am aware of the problem. And I have send an update to Apple to fix the crash. I am sorry of inconvenience. As soon as Apple releases update it will work again.

      19.11.2012 14:10 Reply

  13. Leta:

    Just bought it. App crashes I when I try to open it:

    Incident Identifier: 1A59EBDC-B0B6-4252-8813-B0C5417E7A7D
    CrashReporter Key: ae3d3952b3c39eb2848b3c5b7377d99dabb78ede
    Hardware Model: iPad1,1
    Process: tekkitguideandseedsforminecraft [23644]
    Path: /var/mobile/Applications/CAFD005C-D577-4916-ACBD-A9473ABD5F34/
    Identifier: tekkitguideandseedsforminecraft
    Version: ??? (???)
    Code Type: ARM (Native)
    Parent Process: launchd [1]

    Date/Time: 2012-11-16 09:28:13.559 -0800
    OS Version: iPhone OS 5.1.1 (9B206)
    Report Version: 104

    Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes: 0×00000001, 0xe7ffdefe
    Crashed Thread: 0

    Dyld Error Message:
    Library not loaded: /System/Library/Frameworks/AdSupport.framework/AdSupport
    Referenced from: /var/mobile/Applications/CAFD005C-D577-4916-ACBD-A9473ABD5F34/
    Reason: image not found
    Dyld Version: 199.6

    Binary Images:
    0×46000 – 0xdcfff +tekkitguideandseedsforminecraft armv7 /var/mobile/Applications/CAFD005C-D577-4916-ACBD-A9473ABD5F34/
    0x2fe45000 – 0x2fe66fff dyld armv7 /usr/lib/dyld

    16.11.2012 19:27 Reply

    • admin:

      I am aware of the problem.And I have send an update to Apple to fix the crash. I am sorry of inconvenience.

      19.11.2012 14:10 Reply

  14. S:

    App doesn’t work.

    17.11.2012 00:00 Reply

    • admin:

      I am aware of the problem. And I have send an update to Apple to fix the crash. I am sorry of inconvenience.

      19.11.2012 14:09 Reply

  15. Amy:

    Pease help. We just purchased your app named Mods crafting for minecraft and it will no work on our iPad. It loads but will not open. We have uninstalled and reinstalled it, turned the device off and troubleshooted. It is not our device. So what can we do to resolve this situation. We purchased this app and now it is not working.

    19.11.2012 16:56 Reply

  16. Crystal:

    We just purchased app. It loads successfully but will not open.

    23.11.2012 00:42 Reply

  17. Name...:

    Loaded twice but won’t open

    25.11.2012 02:06 Reply

  18. Laurie Riley:

    This app will not open when we open it can u give us help on how to get it to work or refund my daughters funds to her iTunes card!!! Thanks

    25.11.2012 05:21 Reply

  19. Anomyinous:

    Dosent work

    26.11.2012 09:21 Reply

  20. Name...:

    Does not open its terrible
    Refund my account
    Or fix

    26.11.2012 09:24 Reply

    • Name...:

      P.s it charged
      Me twice

      26.11.2012 09:28 Reply

  21. I AM AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:


    P.S. I AM AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    07.12.2012 06:36 Reply

  22. 1:


    30.12.2012 20:53 Reply

  23. 1:


    07.01.2013 13:11 Reply

  24. ༼Retro man༽:

    ࿇Hi I really like this app… But I was wondering if u have a team or if u think of these comments your self??? Please reply I would really like to know ࿇

    10.01.2013 00:08 Reply

  25. iLIKE+ iOS Mobile App ID 545200013:

    [...] ID 545200013)Genre or Category: Social NetworkingPrice: $0.99Version: 2.0Developer: Mario Terek at out of 5, by usersContent Rating: 9+File Size: 22.64MRelease Date: July 29, 2012Release [...]

    25.06.2013 23:35 Reply

  26. iFunny FB statuses iOS Mobile App ID 484768404:

    [...] ID 484768404)Genre or Category: Social NetworkingPrice: FreeVersion: 2.2Developer: Mario Terek at 2.5 out of 5, by 27 usersContent Rating: 9+File Size: 13.76MRelease Date: December 16, [...]

    25.06.2013 23:44 Reply

  27. Mackenzie:

    Excuse me but this app does not work properly and I wasted 99 cents. You can’t even download the mods. I even tried to email the creator but there was no answer.

    14.07.2013 03:10 Reply

  28. Mackenzie:

    I would also like a refund if this is not fixed.

    14.07.2013 03:11 Reply

  29. Name...:

    I need help downloading the mods

    16.07.2013 14:33 Reply

  30. Arceus909:


    16.07.2013 14:33 Reply

  31. Arceus909:

    I need help downloading the mods

    16.07.2013 14:37 Reply

  32. Paint Effects – Paint & FX Photo iOS Mobile App ID 580584561:

    [...] ID 580584561)Genre or Category: Photo & VideoPrice: $0.99Version: 2.0.1Developer: Mario Terek at out of 5, by usersContent Rating: 4+File Size: 13.2MRelease Date: November 27, 2012Release [...]

    28.07.2013 15:53 Reply

  33. All in 1 App iOS Mobile App ID 580137441:

    [...] (App ID 580137441)Genre or Category: UtilitiesPrice: $0.99Version: 2.0.1Developer: Mario Terek at out of 5, by usersContent Rating: 9+File Size: 31.38MRelease Date: December 8, 2012Release [...]

    01.10.2013 02:44 Reply

  34. Idan:

    Hi Mario Terek,

    I saw your app Mods crafting for Minecraft and thought you would want to optimize your revenue through our service. We are now looking for developers like you to join our beta without any cost.

    For more details please check out:

    We are now on beta so that’s absolutely FREE!

    If you have any question please don’t hesitate and send those through this email.


    03.10.2013 08:54 Reply

  35. Nunya:

    WTF you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for charging money for this bullshit. I want a refund.

    30.10.2013 07:06 Reply

  36. Suzie:

    App does not work.
    Downloaded Logo &Design Maker. Supposed to have premade vectors etc. extensive design capabilities. Does nothing! Basic drawing app. Will be lodging complaint with AppStore. Want refund.

    15.11.2013 07:53 Reply

  37. Rainmaker:

    why are there two apps on the App Store with exactly the same UI and both have nothing in them except a paint brush… seems like someone sold you rights to use their app and yet they sold to others! either that or this is a complete scam? (ps one app has a desk top icon with the words design and logo creator, while this has a big M with the words logo and design creator ).
    Explanation please

    16.11.2013 08:18 Reply

  38. Zoe Kelly:

    I just bought and downloaded your app however I’m not impressed and very frustrated!
    It’s extremely complicated and there is no ‘help’ button that offers instructions on how to work it. Please get back to me on how to work it if not its a waste and I would like to be refunded!

    01.12.2013 18:33 Reply

  39. Carl:

    I have just downloaded the logo creator but I can’t move things into the position I want to is there any way to do this?

    09.01.2014 21:28 Reply

  40. Carl:


    09.01.2014 21:31 Reply

  41. Ariane:

    I just downloaded logo creator and it’s too complicated. No clue how to use it. Can I get my money back please!

    05.02.2014 22:41 Reply

  42. Nikita:

    I will my money back by this app
    0,89 €

    19.02.2014 19:52 Reply

  43. Paddie:

    I have created a logo, finished it, but I can not get it saved! There is a bug in the application. I use iPad 5 generation with the latest ISO installed. I need help! URGENTLY!!!

    26.02.2014 14:09 Reply

  44. Dapper Dre:

    I recently downloaded the DESIGNER app for making fliers and posters. When I try to export a file as png or PDF it kicks me out of the app to my menu screen and doesn’t send the file any where. Any ideas on what I can do. I am using an iPad mini with the most recent 7.0 iOS update. Thank you

    26.02.2014 23:47 Reply

  45. CC:

    Sizing text or objects is not working on this app, it also keeps freezing on me and I have to reload. For $3 this shouldn’t be happening!! Please help!

    28.02.2014 14:46 Reply

  46. Shar:

    Hi. Your app keeps crashing on my mini ipad and I cannot save it. Each time i press png or pdf , the app crashes. It was $2.99. Can anyone help?

    04.03.2014 03:20 Reply

  47. Shar:

    I want a refund. The app is useless and it crashes before I can save it

    04.03.2014 18:16 Reply

  48. dee Canon:

    I’m a first time user of this App. After completing a flyer I couldn’t print it . I couldn’t email or send it as a message either. After tapping the PDF or PGF the screen clears out .

    11.03.2014 14:29 Reply

  49. Alex:

    I just bought the app. Exited to use but I can’t export it. Once I tap the PDF or the other option it kicks me out of the program. Really this immediately. If not I need a refund.


    14.03.2014 02:06 Reply

  50. Chris Pazos:

    I want a refund. March 19th 2014. Tried using this app for an hour. Looked at tutorial 4 times. It doesn’t work the same on my iPhone 5. Refund ASAP plz. App is deleted

    19.03.2014 15:40 Reply

  51. Ralph Wilson:

    Hi, bought your Logo App on 21 March 2014. Just the same as the other complaints above – using iOS 7.1 and every time I try to export as PNG or PDF it just crashes out. Is there a fix for this coming?

    21.03.2014 13:53 Reply

  52. Geraint jones:

    Refund please! Downloaded the designer app and it’s absolutely rubbish..
    Clunky and confusing user interface..
    Not the quality you would expect on App Store.. Recommend it’s removed !
    I will wait for your refund and responce.

    06.04.2014 13:54 Reply

  53. Choc:

    Plz refund my money back….this was not what i expected it to be

    07.04.2014 23:00 Reply

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